Our Wearable Badge Holders Simplify Your Life

In one day, there are 86,400 seconds. We think we have all the time in the world, but when you’re on the go or at work, wasted time can add up. Even searching for your ID eats up valuable time.

Our Wearable Badge Holders Simplify Your Life

Traditionally, we’ve been taught that wallets go in your pocket or purse and that work IDs are to be worn on a lanyard around your neck. But time is wasted if you have to pull your wallet out and dig through it to present a driver’s license, professional identification, or use a credit card.

At Flexx ID, our founder knew a little something about how precious time is. As a firefighter, his professional life is spent trying to shave time off the clock. When it occurred to him how inefficient wallets and lanyards could be, he had an idea. Flexx ID is a collection of wearable wallets, that is designed for use in various professional, casual, and physically active settings. Secured to the wrist, the durable leather wallet secures your cards in place, while the spandex/cotton/polyester-blend sleeve makes it breathable, cool, and comfortable to wear.

Everyday Essentials

Our arm badge holders and wearable ID holders not only make it easier to access your important cards—they also work great with almost any outfit. With our products, you can save time without sacrificing style. Browse our products and discover the best fit for you.

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Pro Blu Pkt

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Trekk Clsd

Flexx ID is designed to be easy to use and allow rapid access and display of your ID when entering badged or secured areas. Time is precious, and we help you save more of it while looking good.

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