If you have questions about our wearable wallets and badge holders, or if you want more information about our company and our products, check out these FAQs

What exactly is the Flexx ID?

Simply put, it’s a wrist-worn wallet that can be used in professional settings, physically active areas, and casual locations.

So, you just wear it on your wrist?

Exactly. The spandex/cotton/polyester-blend sleeve makes it breathable, cool, and comfortable to wear.

Is it really like a wearble wallet?

Absolutely! It provides secure and convenient access to your photo ID and credit/debit cards. It also has a zippered pocket to hold folded bills, a key, or other small items.

What is the wallet made from?

Our wallets are made from natural leather and canvas that are stylish and durable. If you’re walking through a security checkpoint, mountain biking, or out on the town, it’s designed to look good. Always.

What styles do you offer?

We have five styles to choose from:

  • APEXX is a textured natural leather wallet with 3 card slots offering a rugged and durable appeal.
  • TREKK is a smooth natural leather wallet with 3 card slots offering a classy appeal.
  • SPORT A canvas wallet with 4 card slots and a hidden compartment to carry more of what you need.
  • MONTY A cross over ID badge holder and wallet with 3 card slots including an open display.
  • PRO An ID badge holder with a zipper pocket to hold folded bills, a key, or other small items.
What size do I need?

Flexx ID has an expandable material that fits a wrist size of 7.25 - 8.00 inches comfortably. Larger sizes will be available soon.

What other colors do you offer?

FLEXX ID comes in a black leather smooth or textured; black and blue canvas. You will love the additional colors that are coming soon. Contact us if you have a special order color request or would like to customize your FLEXX ID with your brand logo.

Can I customize the look of my Flexx ID?

The color can be customized upon request, and a company logo or team logo can be added with licensed approval.

Is my Flexx ID machine washable?

The FLEXX ID PRO, MONTY and SPORT are a canvas material which is machine washable with recommended air dry only because the display window will melt or distort on heat settings. The FLEXX ID TREKK and APEXX are leather and have been tested and approved for dry clean only.

Can I use Apple Pay with my Flexx ID?

Flexx ID is currently not designed to hold a mobile device or apple watch; however Apple Pay tap n go technology is accepted through our e- commerce payment processing system.

Will my hotel key work from my wearable wallet?

Customers have shared that Yes, they could unlock their hotel door without removing their hotel keycard from their FLEXX ID. If it is a proximity card door lock all you have to do is wave your wearable wallet next to the reader with your hotel keycard inside. Works great with any type of card used for tap and go technology!

What if there is a problem?

We offer a full satisfaction guarantee. If there’s a problem, we’ll fix it cheerfully. If you don’t like your Flexx or you’re not completely satisfied, return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Is there a warranty on my Flexx ID?

Flexx ID proudly stands behind our products and will accept returns for product defects, as consumer satisfaction is a high priority. Unused, unaltered, and undamaged products may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of the original purchase.

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Flexx ID is designed to be easy to use and allow rapid access and display of your ID when entering badged or secured areas. Time is precious, and we help you save more of it while looking good.

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